Maitreya opens new trend in a cinema.
(autumn 2007)

On September, 27th, 2007 in Los Angeles there will be opened the largest film festival - The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival (http: // where film " Hollywood Maitreya . The Russian Buddha " will be presented.
The Film is put under Maitreya 'script where his magic word adjoins to images of pictures-Visions on a background ' Zero Music created in the co-authorship with known American composer Duglas Hallenbeck, cameraman Alexey Dao. This is a beginning of the whole series of travels on " red paths " festivals therefore as the author plans a lot of mystical films.




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Maitreya opens new trend in a cinema

Maitreya choses a cinematography as one of the basic lines of creativity , though influence of his deep philosophy of "maitreism" touches radically, naturally, practically all parties of our life.
Current trends in cinema which the author names " Theatre of Mysteries " is so unique that secret mystical processes ,which occur in bowels of human soul, become suddenly visible terrestrial sight and are sensual . At present this art' phenomenon has no any analogues .
The raised line of a plot translates the spectator in the category of the direct participant of spiritual process where a certain memoirs of the primary divine nature is involuntarily happened..
As a result of it there is an internal sight connected, practically there is born a clear perception under influence of a coordination of forms, actions and a sound. The total scenes are based on real mystical experience of the author and because of it breath the truth and possess force of influence.
Through alchemy of various arts and philosophies of "maitreism" the unusual miracle-creation is born. Here are pictures-Visions, which images are being as messages from Heavens; here also presented poetic prophesying word (both secret and obvious simultaneously); and a voice of the author with vibration of sincere experience; and a Magic related to Spirit of music; - and all this in one flesh of philosophical doctrine. All to it is favoured by amazingly harmonious commonwealth of Maitreya with known American composer Douglas Hallenbeck that allows to reach required success.
"Zero Music" as it is named by the author is the miracle-music, starting with the Source, from Nonexistence By practical consideration Maitreya has learned by practical consideration music of many Raised Spheres and now introduces it to the world. Sound creation "Danit" (CD) already informs up to us the first excitement, the first luminescence of first created Sound The strongest influence and the primordial are starting out of our most depths.
The Tantra is looking out as the maximum of expressions, as a heat of created mysteries and unusual achievement . The author will devote this theme to the following creation - a film about "Krishna", where (through terrestrial erotic history about the Teacher and Herdesses) there will be opened the deep radical essence of the Heavenly Tantra on which the Life is based . Watch news.
We offer a partnership in realization of the future projects to all persons who are interested and indifferent.

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